Why choose Orlando DJ School and not an online DJ academy?

We built this school at the request of guests! Numerous times, guests have come to the booth asking us to provide “DJ Lessons.” Ask and you shall receive, right? So…here we are! Online DJ schools are great for reaching a very broad audience, around the world, for general DJ purposes. As a matter of fact, we too enjoy learning online. Make no mistake though, this school is designed to serve a MUCH smaller audience limited to the greater Orlando area. We see the value in providing face-to-face instruction rather than a virtual learning environment. DJ’ing is a very tactile activity, and as such, there is no better way to learn than in person. Our instructors get to know you, and we are right there next to you when you are working on your mix. That interaction alone makes all the difference!

Where are you located?

Our DJ instructors serve areas in and around Lakeland, Orlando, Mt. Dora, and Deland. We are a new business with plans explore what the next generation DJ community needs, their geographical location, and requirements. With that information, our team will continue to expand. Having been in the industry for 20 years, our network of DJs is far reaching. Ideally, we will find the right instructor for you, your needs, and your area.

Are you available any day of the week?

Our availability largely depends on our schedule, both current gigs and scheduled classes. For a general understanding of our availability, please see our pricing page. Everything starts with the contact form to begin the conversation. From there, we will discuss your lesson plan and schedule the lessons accordingly.