Safety Precautions

Whether we come to you, or you come to us…let’s be smart about safety. Wearing a mask is a simple act that dramatically reduces the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Our DJs will wear a mask throughout the duration of the lesson plan, and our students should too. Are we going to be the mask police? No. We do ask that you mind the recommendations from the CDC to keep each other safe.

We do everything possible to wipe down equipment after each use in a way that cleans the surface without damaging the electronics. This includes mixing consoles, laptops, and even vinyl. Solutions with alcohol can be abrasive to vinyl, so we use a solution called Boundless to wipe the surface. Otherwise, we use alcohol based wipes, to clean the faders, knobs, jog wheels, and other surfaces.


We will not ask for your proof of vaccination. If you would like to know if your instructor has been vaccinated against COVID-19, simply ask. We will let you know in advance if this is of importance to you and your family.